To Direct Mail or Not to Direct Mail, that is the question...

Those who have success with direct mail tell everyone they know how effective it has been for them and how amazing their return on investment is, but often I hear from confused marketers how while they hear it is the single most effective element in someone else’s marketing mix, they can’t seem to make it work for themselves.

What I’m finding is that it usually is because they don’t “get” the right techniques for using direct mail, and as such they rarely make the most of even a smidgen of the opportunity that good direct mail can offer.

The golden rule of direct mail success sounds something like this: Success is based 40% on the list you use, 40% on the strength and relevancy of the offer you make, and 20% on how you execute. In other words, it is much more about saying the right thing to the right audience than how you say it. Content beats style for sure!

I'm teasing you with 4 Direct Mail Best Practice Most Asked Questions for 8 more and the whole White Paper now!

1. Do they even read ‘em?

While 25% of most ads are read, the Direct Marketing Association’s proven statistics are that 75% of mail is opened and read. When you consider that direct mail costs more per contact as it compares to an ad reaching the masses (many of whom it doesn’t relate to anyway) this is an important statistic to remember, because the quality of contact is much better with direct mail.

2. How many prospects/customers will call me as a result of my mailing?

As for the response rate you should hope for, 2% is the industry norm for prospecting leads. This has long been reported by the Direct Marketing Association in cases where “more information” is the call to action. While 2% may seem low, consider that on a percentage basis, ads typically get response levels below .5%. Also, consider that the responses from a pre-qualified mailing list are almost always better than from any other source. I guess the most important point here is not to get all hung up in the averages, and keep your eye on your objectives.

3. How many touchpoints do I make? How often should I mail?

The general rule is to mail 3 times in a relatively condensed period of time. Typically, you will receive 60% of your total response from the first mailing, 20-30% from your second, and under 10% from your third.

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