SmartyMail™ and Smart Direct Mail Make a Winning Combination!

SmartyMail™ and Smart Direct Mail make a top notch tactical combination to generate leads and effectively increase loyalty by your current customers.

How does it work?

1. We start with a top notch mailing list (either yours or we purchase one that meets all the criteria of your top prospect). Note: Testing this tactic by picking a niche target market is an excellent idea for those skeptics out there.

2. Then, our award winning design team creates a traffic-driving, promotionally-driven jumbo size post card with a strong web-based call-to-action. The Smart Direct Mail drives your prospect to a customized landing page offering a trial or reward for opt-in to your email database.

3. When they opt-in, they are entered into your database where SmartyMail™ can take over and send them an autorespond to thank them along with delivering their "reward" download or "trial" information.

Now, you own an enhanced email list of target prospects who have all the criteria to be your new best customers and they have OPTED IN to see your emails. SmartyMail™ then delivers regularly scheduled customized and branded emails of varied topic to those customers and prospects to maintain exposure and increase brand loyalty.

Buying or renting email lists has proven to be very unsuccessful for many Freakin' Genius Marketing clients. This is a much more effective way to develop your own list AND it gives you so much flexibility relating to the landing pages as it relates to that specific prospect!

Call us at(847)882-4234 or drop us an email ( to find out how we can customize a program for you! Make the first quarter of 2010 impressive, get SMART with a SmartyMail™ and Smart Direct Mail combo campaign!


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