Marching Orders: March Marketing Tips when you NEED em'!

Your competition is toast when you know who your bread and butter are.
Seriously, it’s time to reprioritize customer segments!

What the heck is a customer segment you ask?

It’s your customers by definition and purchasing priority. Identify core existing and secondary, then tertiary prospective customers. Assess your product line, your price points, your distribution channels and the customer targets and strategize a plan of action for increasing the amount of business you get from your non-core customers. Shore up your strategic insurance by building a more diverse customer base!

Make your own Damn Headlines!

Public Relations is one of the best tools to use in a slumping economy because it increases word of mouth. It’s simple to use as a marketing tactic because it generates free media coverage. Think about interesting angles for your business and the services you offer, then write press releases and distribute to a targeted list of media contacts. There are a boatload of free press release submission sites on-line too! This will generate links galore all over the web increasing your SEO at the same time! Integrate public relations into your total mix. PR enhances the credibility of everything else you do.

It’s not Touche to be TOUCHY!

Look at all of your customer touch-points and turn them into positive, brand-building opportunities. Tear down the lead generations touches, sales touches, service touches, delivery touches, follow-up touches, transaction touches, and billing touches and make sure that every single one of them is a performing a killer marketing function for your business.

For more ideas, come to our Seminar on March 31st. The CEO of Plum Grove Printers, Peter Lineal, and Freakin' Genius Marketing Chief Freakin' Genius Lori Gertz, will be presenting a fun lunch seminar in conjunction with the Palatine Chamber of Commerce. Have a bite to eat and hear a slew of great, easy to execute actionable tactics you can put in place RIGHT NOW to shore up your business!

There’s a “whole lotta awful” out there, don’t join the chorus! Challenge yourself to try something new, and risk SUCCESS!

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