Laughable Litany of Social Media Terms

"ReBuzzThis Wants To Be The TweetMeme Of Google Buzz
Written by Erick Schonfeld on Mar 5, 2010 for TechCrunch

You know how TweetMeme started out trying to be the Techmeme of Twitter before it ventured off plastering its ReTweet buttons on every blog on the Web? Well now there’s a site that just launched today that wants to be the TweetMeme of Google Buzz called ReBuzzThis."

Ok, I gotta ask this. Am I the only one that thinks the litany of made up social media terms sounds like gibberish? Honestly, if the Back to the Future Delorean really existed, do you think that Doc would have any freakin' idea what we were talking about if he read this? Wanna real laugh? Read it out loud! Ok, so I'll take a step back from my seemingly judgemental position to comment constructively.

Retweeting, Rebuzzing, and Tweetmemeing are just sexy terms for reposting. In other words, taking your place in the social media line of passing along the good word on an article, topic or product that made a memorable impression on you. Good or bad, it inspired you enough to share!

It's your responsibility to be a part of the dialogue that fuels social media, especially if you are on the other end of the spectrum hoping that someone will re-post, tweet, or buzz your post.

It's all in the game of good sportsmanship to share and be shared. These tools are simply FANTASTIC as traffic driving SEO machines, but boy...they sure sound ridiculous! Tweet on my friends! May the Buzz be with you!


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