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What is Freakin' Genius Marketing?

Freakin' Genius Marketing is a strategic marketing services agency focused on teaching our clients how to use the appropriate combination of our marketing solutions to get the "who" and the "how" right. All that done, our clients can then focus on their core competence to get the "what" right. It's freakin' genius! Don't you agree?

What can Freakin' Genius Marketing do for me?

Provocative thought leadership helps businesses grow in an unstable economy. Freakin' Genius Marketing unravels the mystery to our clients’ business success complete with an in-depth plan of exactly how it will be executed. We don't just talk about it, we do it - with our clients, for our clients. As translators and excavators of human genius, we unleash the genius deep inside every client. Using these findings we develop a complete plan and solution(s) that will deliver the needed results by combining the appropriate mix of our direct marketing solutions. Brilliant, perhaps...Freakin' Genius most certainly!

Can Freakin' Genius Marketing help me with my social media quandaries?

Definitely! Whether you are confused about business applications for twitter, or curious about how to integrate your blog into your website, Freakin' Genius Marketing provides support and training and will help you integrate social media marketing into your marketing plan.