Jumpin' on the Email Marketing Bandwagon

Ok, so you’ve decided to jump on the email marketing bandwagon. Where do you begin? With design and content quandaries, deliverability, recipient overload, bounce rates, and consumer distaste there are so many choices that if made wrong, will negatively impact click-throughs, read rates and unsubscribes.

Marketing services agencies like Freakin’ Genius Marketing can handle all aspects of your email efforts from design to execution, all while providing analytics to help increase your lead and success rate, however, if you choose to go the DIY route, you will be deluged in options and resource providers.

Below is a great 3rd party list of turnkey email providers that will not only serve as the foundation for your email campaigns, but will also house your databases safely.

Evaluate your needs and assess a number of them before making a choice. If you are html saavy or have a programmer on staff you may not have to utilize a resource like this. However, if you are looking for a bevy of templates for newsletters, e-post cards, announcements, emails, vmails, etc. then you should make sure that the templates offered by the service provider in question meets your needs. If the providers offer a free trial, give it a test spin…upload a test list and experiment with the design tools. Make sure there is a spam test and run it against your design to make sure you will be cleared.

Using a top notch service provider is imperative to your emails getting through and not ending up on a recipient ISP’s blacklist. This takes some undoing and will seriously affect your delivery rates.

Questions? Overwhelmed? Call Freakin’ Genius Marketing and we can help you create an annual campaign effort from design to implementation.

Top 50 Email Marketing Service Providers and Resources

Source: Website Magazine’s 50 Top rankings are a measure of a website’s popularity. Ranks are calculated using a proprietary statistical methodology of average daily unique visitors and page views over a specified period of time. The site with the highest combination of factors and variables is ranked in the first position.

1. Icontact.com
2. Getresponse.com
3. Mailchimp.com
4. Cheetahmail.com
5. Streamsend.com
6. Lyris.com
7. Campaignmonitor.com
8. Aweber.com
9. Campaigner.com
10. Sandblaster.com
11. Silverpop.com
12. Listrak.com
13. Benchmarkemail.com
14. Emaillabs.com
15. Bronto.com
16. Fusemail.com
17. Boomerang.com
18. Email-unlimited.com
19. Eliteemail.com
20. Subscribermail.com
21. Mailworkz.com
22. Netatlantic.com
23. M,yemma.com
24. Yesmail.com
25. Jangomail.com
26. Cakemail.com
27. Strongmail.com
28. Emailbrain.com
29. Epostdirect.com
30. Goldlasso.com
31. Contactology.com
32. Resultsmail.com
33. Contractpro.com
34. Inwise.com
35. Contantcontact.com
36. Verticalresponse.com
37. Emailvision.com
38. exactTarget.com
39. permissiondirect.com
40. listcast.com
41. simplycast.com
42. mailermailer.com
43. bigresponse.com
44. pinpointe.com
45. vipermailer.com
46. volomp.com
47. contact29.com
48. skylist.com
49. enterprisemailer.net
50. lightningemail.com


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